Success Stories :

These letters have been published with the written permission of the patients who sent them to us.

Letter #1: I came to Dr. Powell from 2 hours away because my father-in-law in Spokane Wa, had found him online in his own study of endocrine issues. He told me Dr. Powell really knew what he was doing and recommended I see him regarding my unrelenting fatigue. I had been tired for almost a decade, which forced me to quit the teaching profession and worried me as a potential mother that I might not have the energy to deal with active children. Dr. Powell ran multiple labs on me and I was was very pleased with how thorough he was. We discovered I had elevated urine toxic metals, extremely low vitamin D levels and an imbalance in my thyroid metabolism. I am delighted that in just a couple of years I can honestly say that I feel terrific. My energy has returned and lasts all day, and the only medication I remain on now is a low dose of thyroid. Thank you Dr. Powell. You literally changed my life.

Letter #2:
48 year old female with FM

Dear Dr. Powell,
I can not put off telling you thanks and God bless you. For the last 2-3 years I was getting progressively sicker. Sometimes I would get so fearful that I would soon be disabled and or terminally ill. I have a wonderful job and was loosing my ability to perform my role as a leader. My thinking was so muddled and my thoughts incomplete, my energy was so low, I often went home to rest or couldn’t even get up in the mornings. I had pain from the soles of my feet to the scalp of my head. It seemed so hopeless. I had all kinds of strange and unpexplained illness and occurrences. I didn’t enjoy life much anymore and I have a great life. I hid my fears as well as my pain from my family as much as I could. It didn’t seem possible someone could feel as bad as I did with no obvious injuries.

Everyone said the only thing that could be done for fibromyalgia was antidepressants and pain meds etc. I started your treatment plan in late October and now I feel about 7 years younger. My energy is back to my old hyper self. I am thinking clearly and sharp as I ever was. I almost can’t believe how much better I am with the T3 medication. It’s so wonderful.

Please let the world know about this treatment and the work you do. You are wonderful and surely going to bring new life to so many discouraged patients. I know you are moving [to Sacramento] and I hope to see you again in the future, it might be on national news. God bless you and good luck in all that you pursue.
[Patient #1]”

The above letter was written after approximately 3 months of treatment. It is obviously very rewarding to see our patients respond to treatment in this manner.

Letter #3:
57 year old female with FM regarding the journal writing lesson taught in the Less Stress Course.

‘Journaling’ --- the dreaded word. Dr. Powell has tried to convince me of the benefits of it for the last two years. I finally got so sick this summer, I was willing to try anything! I didn’t know what journaling really was, so I just started writing about myself. ‘I fed the birds, I did the laundry, I played bridge, where my aches and pains were, what meds I was taking, how I was feeling mentally and emotionally.’ At the time I was reading “Embracing Your Inner Critic” and listening to Hal & Sidra Stones’ tapes and getting emotional release therapy. I discovered my “Little Girl”, and writing to her about her fears has been the single most healing thing I’ve ever done for myself and my fibromyalgia. Sometimes, when I read back, I feel like a hypochondriac but it helps to understand our illness and what’s happening to us. Journaling frees your mind of all the “things” we keep there and is so healing. I’m just sorry it took so long to do it. Thank you Dr. Powell!”

The above patient has done very well even though it took a while for her to try start journaling. Her reference to the “Little Girl” part of her is what psychologist refer to as the “Inner Child”. It’s a wonderfully youthful part of us that never goes away and still feels vulnerable like a child. We also teach people to journal with parts of themselves such as the “Inner Critic” who becomes more of an ally than an opponent with a little attention. Obviously, medications can not provide this kind of stress release and this kind of work is so enjoyable and insightful. It is also common for this kind of work to improve one’s relationships with other people.

Letter #4: 49 year old female with FM

“Dear Dr. Powell,

Thank you for your courage and creativity in trying to find symptom relief for FM sufferers. After 16 days of your “cocktail”:

--- the numbness in my hands has disappeared
--- my irritable bowel (after 5 years) has returned miraculously to normal function
--- my pain level has steadily dropped to “0” on some days
--- I’m feeling optimistic that I will recover from this ‘hopeless’ syndrome.

Again, thanks for taking the risk to try something different.”
This patient has continued to do very well off of all medication. She continues to do work with her stress levels in private counseling and through her work as an artist. She is an accomplished painter who found that her creativity was restored as her energy level improved.

Letter #5: 57 year old female with CFS and post polio syndrome

Dear Dr. Powell,
Thank you so much for giving me a normal life again! Friends and family agree that I am a new person this past year of treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. For 4 1/2 years I was so disabled I gave up my business and most activities. I spent most of my time on the sofa. Brain fog and deep fatigue were often so severe I could not drive a car, shop for groceries, or read a book. Other physicians said they could not help me, and natural therapies were not effective. In February of 1992 you started me on T3 thyroid replacement and a stress reduction program. I diligently did everything you said(you called me an "A" student) and it has been well worth it. I am now at 85 % of full energy, have very little brain fog, and my sleep and digestion have improved greatly.

I am confident that you will help many others as you have helped me!

57 year old CFS patient,
Grass Valley

Letter #6:

In March of 05 I had a bad case of bronchitis.  The cough & wheeze lingered on.  After taking prednisone and going on Advair, I was told I had adult onset asthma.  The inhalers interfered with my sleep but without them I didn't sleep well either.

I started on Dr. Powell's regime for Chlamydia pneumoniae the first of December 2005 and continued on it until the end of May 2006.  Since going off the antibiotics, etc., the cough or wheeze has not returned now for 1 month!  Two other unexpected improvements also occurred. I developed a hip problem about 4 years ago, bursitis, and it has improved so that I now can sleep on my left side, which I could not do for 4 years.  I am able to sleep better as I have had a hard time sleeping on my back only.  Also, my bladder function has improved at night.  Instead of waking every 3 hours, I can sleep 5 hours and again this has improved my sleep.  So overall, I feel so much better!  Dr. Powell was very patient at answering questions and addressing my problems and having phone calls returned.  I appreciate his dedication and research on this subject.  Annie and Kathie in the front office have always been helpful and very pleasant.

So I am very thankful and feel blessed to have found a doctor like Dr. Powell.  He is the only doctor to help my husband to find a way to manage his pseudogout.  He also was the only doctor to picked up on my daughter's thyroid problem.

Debbie S.

Letter #7:

I first learned of Dr. Powell in the summer of 2003. Suffering with chronic neck and back pain most of my life, I tried  physical therapy, relaxation techniques, weekly massage and exercise… but could never manage the pain.

The numerous doctors I saw over the years could never find anything  wrong so they just gave me pills and sent me on my way.  By the time  I found Dr. Powell, I felt like my body had become toxic with drugs.   Everyday, in order to function, I took the following:
For pain: 90mg of Methadone in addition to 8-12 tabs of Norco
For brain function (and to keep me awake): Ritalin and Provigil
For depression: Wellbutrin (also helped keep me alert) and Effexor
For sinus/allergy issues: Pseudoephedrine and Allegra
For sleep: Pamelor among others…

My pain level was 10/10 without narcotics and 2/10 with; energy 3/10;  brain function 3/10 (serious fibro-fog); and my stress was 9/10.  I  was working full time and deteriorating fast!

One of the first things Dr. Powell had me start was T3 (while  carefully monitoring temperature and heart rate daily).  Within 3  weeks I started getting my energy back and I felt like a new woman!   My pain even started to subside.  He warned me this would happen and  my inclination would be to over-do it.  But I ignored that.  I felt  so great I seemingly tried to catch up on years of reduced  performance.  Then I crashed.

After cycling through that pattern 3-4 times (slow learner…) I  finally gave up and listened to Dr. Powell.  The missing piece was  changing my behaviors, which had led to years of accumulated stress. I was a People-Pleaser, Performance Maniac, Care-Taker (of everyone  but myself) and Perfectionist - and I had to change.

This was undoubtedly the most difficult, but the MOST beneficial part  of the protocol for me.Through the use of Voice Dialogue, personal  therapy, journaling and a lot of emotion (what was THAT?)… I slowly  started to change.  I stepped out of denial regarding the behaviors  that had so depleted me (people-pleasing, over-working, care-taking…)  and surrounded myself with people who would support the changes I  needed to make. I cannot underestimate the determination it took to  accomplish this – but it was 1000% worth every challenging minute!

About a year into my treatment, in his scientist/researcher role, Dr. Powell discovered the important relationship bacteria plays in FM,  and encouraged me to begin an antibiotic treatment.  I have to admit  I was reluctant because I was feeling SO much better than before…and  I’d heard the antibiotics could make me feel worse – before I felt  better, due to the bacteria dying off.  I debated the issue for 3-4  months and then decided I should just go for it and see if this could  take me the rest of the way to healing.  I really didn’t believe I  could feel any better, but my improvement was exponential!  I had  been sick for so long I had no idea what being well really felt  like.  And, by carefully following Dr. Powell’s recommendations for  minimizing the effects of the die-off process, I found the treatment  wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared.

Other than a small amount of Wellbutrin and some seasonal allergy  meds, which I am almost free of, I no longer take ANY of the drugs  listed above! More importantly I have no pain.  My brain works, my  energy is full and I am excited about life.  What is most wonderful is the joy I now experience in my relationships.  There was a long  period when I was afraid I would never be able to really enjoy life  again.

Now, my job is just that…a job.  I don’t take it home with me or even  try to win the kudos I used to long for.  Instead, my satisfaction  comes from spending time with my family and taking care of myself.   I’ll never forget the birthday party my husband gave me when he made  a toast “to having his wife back”.  In my new life I enjoy playing  with my dogs, kayaking with my husband, taking art classes at the  local college and exercising regularly so I can go skydiving and  surfing with my son on his 21st (and my 50th) birthday.  That will be  in early 2008 and I have no doubt I’ll be ready!

I used to scoff at books that talked about reversing Fibromyalgia,  but now I am living proof it can happen.  I wholeheartedly trust Dr.  Powell and his (often evolving) protocol not only because of the  success I’ve experienced, but because I know he is one of a rare few  doctors who still practice medicine for the sole purpose of seeing  lives restored.  I hope you find the same.

Pamela McClanahan

Letter #8:

I have struggled with irritable bowel syndrome, chronic headaches, TMJ, PMS, dry eyes, dry mouth, and trouble sleeping since the early 1980’s. Over the years I also developed sensitivity to bright lights, odors, and loud noises. I would go through periods of extreme exhaustion but attributed that to the fact that I had had Mononucleosis in 1977. I have gone to many doctors over the years to treat the individual symptoms but was not aware that all of the symptoms were interrelated and were caused by Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens Syndrome.

It wasn’t until 2000 when I had a family tragedy occur that my symptoms became overwhelming. My symptoms became much worse. I have owned horses for many years and rode 5 to 6 times per week, gardened, played tennis regularly and cross country skied. I became so ill that I had to quit participating in all of these activities. I was in so much pain and so exhausted that I could barely function. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I spent most of my time in bed. I couldn’t concentrate. My memory became so bad I thought I was developing Alzheimers. I was only 38 but felt like I was elderly. My family doctor sent me to several specialists. A Rheumatologist diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens Syndrome in December, 2001. He told me that neither syndrome would kill me but that I would certainly die with them. He basically told me to accept my illness as a way of life. I couldn’t accept this diagnosis. I tried many different treatments none of which worked.

Finally in March, 2005 a friend told me about Dr. Michael Powell. I made an appointment to see him. I figured I had nothing to lose and maybe something to gain. The year of treatment has been rough at times physically and expensive but it has been worth it. I now have energy and have been pain free for 8 months. Other than the dry eyes (which is far less severe now), my symptoms are gone. I can’t remember when I felt this great – it’s been too many years to count. I went cross country skiing in April for the first time in 10 years. I am playing tennis and riding my horse regularly. I am also enjoying gardening once again. I can’t thank God enough for sending Dr. Powell into my life. I highly encourage anyone who is suffering from Fibromyalgia to seek Dr. Powell’s treatment. I have learned that “coming out of Fibromyalgia” is possible.

Letter #9:

Dr Powell & Staff:
I apologize for not letting all of you know much sooner just how wonderful I have been feeling for the last several months. I haven't been in contact since I left in April for my trip to South Africa.
I can say if I had not gone through the treatment for the Fibromyalgia prior to my trip I would have never been able to enjoy myself. The trip was exciting and I saw wonderful sights and loved visiting with my family there. But more importantly I was pain free.

Just how have I been feeling? I can honestly say I feel as good as I did long before I developed the FMS. I do not have the debilitating pain, I sleep much better, I have much more energy than I ever had and my entire emotional and mental outlook has changed so much to the positive that my family now has their old wife/mom back.

I can work all day and still come home and feel like doing things in the evening. I have energy again. I have enthusiasm again.

Another"side effect" of the FMS was since I was in so much pain I couldn't exercise: I was depressed and exhausted all of the time so in turn I gained a lot of weight which became a big issue for me. With my freedom from pain and more energy and enthusiasm I have been exercising(recumbent stationary bicycle, 20 minutes a night) and now have lost 14 lbs and I feel great! There will be more of me disappearing over the next several months.

I have been recommending your office to several women who have either suffered with FMS for several years or who were recently diagnosed. It is still amazing how little information has been published for the main stream population about the fact that there is now a cure for FMS. Two of the women I have recommended to you said their doctors told them they would just have to live with it as there was nothing that could be done.

I have to state unequivocally that I now feel I am cured of this insidious condition and I thank my stars that Dr. Kal sent me to your office. I am very honest with people when I tell them it is no super easy cure. The first four months were awful, but if you persevere and hang in there doing all that you are instructed to the end result is you are rid of this horrible affliction.

Everyone in your office was wonderful to me and I do so very much appreciate all that was done for me to help with this condition. I never in my life dreamed I would be feeling this wonderful after just 1 year. My life has been given back to me and I am so very appreciative.
I will continue to recommend your office to people who need help. If you need anyone to chat with me I am more than happy to talk with them and let them know that "Yes the treatment works. It's not easy at first but hang in there and you will celebrate how you feel once it is over."

Thank you again and Best Regards,
Pam N.


Letter #10:

Dear Dr. Powell,
I thought I should write to let your other patients know that I have been steadily improving since I began my treatment with you at about this time last year. Over the last ten years, I had increasing problems with sinus and respiratory infections. I work as a teacher in a large school and some of my students seem to be constantly sick. I would come down with a respiratory infection and it would take three months for it to finally resolve. In June of 2002, I had an attack of immense fatigue, headaches, brain fog, balance problems, insomnia, areas of numbness and muscle pain and double vision. After MRI tests were done, a small area of inflammation was found on the pons area of the brain. I had a second occurrence of inflammation in another area of the brain (very close to the original spot) two years later in 2004. Last May 2005 I was very ill with pneumonia. I had just seen another MS specialist at a major university medical center who told me I had MS. Another MS specialist from another university health center disputed that opinion based on my brain MRI films. He thought I had a “blood flow” problem. Interestingly enough, when I was referred to your office, you tested me for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and Chlamydia Pneumoniae. Both tests came back positive. Considering what I have now learned about infection and my symptoms, I now think both my old doctors had some idea of what was going on but did not know the root cause of my health problems.

I began the full combined antibiotic treatment in Sept. 2005 along with all the recommended supplements. I was able to work normal hours at my job even though I did not feel well at times. My worst month was a short time in November when I had some strong reactions to the treatment. I have probably had these persistent infections for a very long time. My immune system was ready to give up the ghost.
On the treatment, I had the typical reactions that patients get when killing a gram negative bacterium. The resulting toxin releases and metabolic disturbances were expected and I was prepared to deal with them. My thyroid hormones were out of balance as a result of the infection. Every measure you recommended helped me to overcome these challenges. When I began to supplement with T3, I had a very significant improvement in energy. I no longer dragged myself down to the kitchen in the morning to fix a cup of coffee or tea to wake up. I found I no longer needed caffeine.

After almost twelve months on the treatment, I have my energy back. I can walk a fast mile on my treadmill and not collapse and spend the next day in bed. The hot weather hasn’t bothered me at all. I was having problems with insomnia but that resolved in the first months of treatment. My brain fog has gone. My typing is fast. And my mental comprehension is just like my old self. The muscle pain and numbness are disappearing.

I don’t have any balance issues at all. My circulation seems better. My skin looks great. I have lost fat and fluid under the skin. I no longer feel short of breath at times.

I wasn’t sick with a cold or flu once last year, even though I was surrounded by masses of coughing and sneezing kids. My tests show that my white blood cell count has been steadily improving all these months.

I must sincerely thank you for all the help you have given me. Yes, I feel like I have had my life given back to me. I know I will continue to improve. I have a special regard for your belief in using natural and nutritional healing whenever it is appropriate. You are a gifted healer and scientist. I am so grateful to have found you.

My thanks to you and your wonderful staff, Raven

Letter #11:

Dear Dr. Powell,
I want to thank you for your continued research and treatment program for FM. I had been suffering for 16 years with chronic head and body pain, fatigue, depression, you name it. I refused to take any pain meds, other than ibuprofen, as I knew that by going a healthier route I would get better. But I didn't.

I came to you, learning the truths about stress, endotoxins, and the only cure. I also learned that my chronic daily stresses and my "pushing" to keep going were what brought me to this point. Through the years I could "push" to keep going, to take care of my family, but the past 2 years I had to give up everything and live on the couch or bed.

The treatment was long and hard for me. There were times I wanted to quit, but was determined to make this work. What other choice did I have? So, I encourage those who go through this treatment, to not give up, keep the treatment going until you are well. There is an end to it and you will be so happy that you endured to the end. On the first day of treatment I rated my energy level as 0/10, pain was a 5/10 and brain function was a 1/10. I was barely functioning. Today my energy level is 9/10, pain level is 1/10 and my brain function is 8/10.  I feel normal again.
One of the most important aspects of the treatment is looking at your life patterns of stress, figuring out and changing your ways to be healthier. I highly recommend counseling, especially "EMDR" counseling. That has turned my life around. The health of our bodies is the reflection of our mental health. No way around it.

Last year I missed all the holidays with my family, counldn't go to church, couldn't do anything. After my treatment, I've taken a trip to Hawaii and become more active again! I'm choosing to walk back into life carefully, so I don't fall back into my old patterns. I'm much healthier and wiser now.

I am thankful to Dr. Powell and Dr. McClanahan for their wisdom and encouragement, for helping me through this treatment.

Jan J