Payment arrangements

Dr. Powell services are based on a flat hourly rate. A superbill is made available for patients to submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement. Those with PPO insurance and Medicare should have most of the their lab and x-ray costs covered.

Disability arrangements
We do not perform disability examinations and therefore do not assign permanent disability. We will assist patients with temporary disability during the initial stages of treatment when necessary. Permanent disability examinations must be performed by physicians who have taken additional training in the area of workman’s compensation or state disability assessment. The workman’s comp and state disability system provide their own examiners when you file for disability. We focus our efforts on restoring FM patients to full ability and our protocol is usually successful.

Narcotic prescriptions
We rarely prescribe narcotics for FM. We see most FM patients coming off of their narcotics as their pain subsides. Patients who have become habituated to narcotic medication may need to undergo formal detoxification to avoid symptoms of withdrawal. Detoxification would need to be coordinated through your narcotic prescribing physician.